Veterans Day: An Opportunity to Pray

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As we recognize and give thanks to those who have or are currently serving our nation today, may we also take a moment to pray for them. Specifically, may we pray for our chaplains and the unique role and responsibility they have.

Southeastern student, Noah Starnes, who currently serves in the Air Force Reserve, offers us some helpful insight:

“Military chaplains carry an incredible weight and have an amazing opportunity. Of all counselors that military members can talk to when they are struggling, chaplains have the highest level of confidentiality. This means that soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines confide in them about their deepest struggles. Consequently, these chaplains carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

However, this time spent with military members also presents an incredible discipleship opportunity. Jesus probably spent about two to three years with His disciples before sending them out. Chaplains will be with the military members for approximately the same amount of time. Those military members will then be sent all over the world. There will be no application process, no fundraising, no commissioning ceremony; they will just go.”

Aside from the video above, Starnes shares how we can pray for our chaplains:

  1. Pray that they would rest in the Spirit and be refreshed by the gospel as they bear the burdens of their troops, and

  2. That they would find men and women who are hungry for discipleship.

Editor’s Note: Our sister blog, Intersect, recently published an article on “Three Ways to Honor Veterans on Veterans Day.” In this article, Jeremy Bell offers more perspective on the holiday.

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