Mobilizing Students to Go: An Interview with Megan Lindsay

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As a Great Commission Seminary, Southeastern is passionate about preparing and equipping all disciples. We especially desire to assist and mobilize missionaries to go overseas. One of the ways we accomplish this is by partnering with the International Mission Board (IMB). The IMB’s mission is to partner with churches to empower limitless missionary teams who are making disciples and multiplying churches among unreached peoples and places for the glory of God.

With this in mind, we want to make sure you are aware of the resources being offered right here on campus. One specific resource is Megan Lindsay, a student at Southeastern who serves with the IMB as a student mobilizer. Student Mobilizers help churches, schools, and campus ministries get involved in God’s work around the world through opportunities to go.

Take a few minutes to get to know Megan—you won’t regret it!

What’s your story?

I am from Marietta, Georgia. I was really involved in my Baptist Collegiate Ministry in college and continued to be involved afterwards. I spent the past two years in that ministry helping American students invest in the lives of international students and loved it. However, there was a moment during that time when I felt unequipped to help a couple of students deal with emotional and spiritual issues stemming from some serious personal hurts that occurred in their pasts. I decided to attend Southeastern and pursue a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling in order to be better prepared to help others through similar situations. I hope to serve in a cross-cultural context, but I am open to wherever the Lord may lead me.

What’s your role with the IMB and what all does it entail?

I am a Student Mobilizer with the IMB. This basically means that I present students with opportunities to serve overseas and also help equip churches with necessary resources to disciple their students to share the Gospel among the nations. I often share stories of my time in East Asia and North Africa to encourage students to consider what it would look like for them to leverage their life for the Gospel.

What else would be helpful for students on campus to know?

There are incredible opportunities for students to go, and the IMB is looking to send more students than ever before! Students can spend a week, summer, semester, gap year or even two years serving on a team to make Christ’s name known around the world. I would love to chat with anyone interested in learning more about these amazing opportunities. You can reach me via email at [email protected].

Word of advice?

If you are interested or even hesitant about going, I encourage you to start praying fervently for lost people around the world if you aren’t already. Prayer was such a significant part of my team’s ministry on the field, and it really changed my attitude towards the people I was serving.

My missions story is funny because God sent me to a people I did not initially see myself connecting with or relating to at all. I actually prayed that he would not send me to East Asia! As I watched my local friends learn about Christ and what it would mean to follow him, I felt that God was teaching me about his love and pursuit of his people and showing me how to do the same. I began praying for each friend specifically and really trusting that the Lord would reveal himself to them in his timing.

My advice would be to start praying for God to reveal himself to those who do not know him around the world. As you pray in this way, he will also work in your heart and prepare you for what he is calling you to do.

Again, if you have questions, you can contact Megan directly ([email protected]). You can also visit for resources and an overview of opportunities.

*This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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