Meet Our Student Mobilizer, Chloe Rutherford!

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Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Chloe Rutherford, I am the Student Mobilizer at Southeastern with the CGCS. I was born and raised in Texas, and I moved to Clemson, SC where I attended Clemson University. Now, I am earning a MA in Cross Cultural Counseling at SEBTS, and I will be graduating in May!

My Missions Experience

After becoming a believer of Christ during my freshmen year of college, I did a summer missions program in Seattle. Through this experience, God gave me a passion to live on mission with the local church. After that summer, I took every chance there was to fulfill the Great Commission, whether that was participating in daily evangelism on campus, week-long mission trips, or summer internships like GenSend.

Through GenSend, God pushed me out of my comfort zone, which resulted in a deeper trust in Him and confidence in who He made me to be. Two of my GenSend experiences were in San Diego and Clarkston, Georgia. GenSend San Diego focused on serving the local church by engaging people in the community with the gospel. I worked specifically with college students and people in the surrounding neighborhood. My team learned how to be intentional with our daily rhythms by building relationships in places like the gym, restaurants, and other local places. In Clarkston, my team served with Send Relief to serve refugees. I was able to build relationships with families, mainly from Afghanistan, to meet needs like teaching ESL. I also developed intentional friendships where I was able to share the love of Christ with many of them.

My Role at Southeastern

In my role as the Student Mobilizer on campus, I get to provide insight on what it would look like for a student to go on mission with GenSend or other organizations. I also help students partner with churches connected to Southeastern. I equip and empower students to live on mission here in Wake Forest as they prepare to follow the Lord wherever He calls them after they graduate. Our desire as an office is to provide help to students as they discern their Great Commission Pathway.

How to Meet with Me?

GO Meetings are an opportunity to discuss what the next step is for a student as they pursue their missional calling. I’d love to have a GO Meeting with any student interested in spending their summer on mission and serving the local church! Schedule you GO Meeting with me today!

Schedule a GO Meeting with Chloe! 

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