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Dear SEBTS and College at Southeastern Students,

We know that Summer 2020 is a long way away, however we have recently become aware of a ministry opportunity and we wanted to pass it along.  Below you will find a letter from some fellow Southeastern students discussing the ministry/job they did this past summer. They are inviting several of you to go back with them this next year.

If you are interested in exploring ways to leverage your 2020 Summer for God’s mission, read this letter and contact John or Dr. Mathias.


Southeastern Family,

If you are planning on working this next summer, why would you not work where it could strategically advance the gospel? Last summer, the two of us were able to do intentional workplace ministry in the community and alongside a local church. We utilized our summer for the cause of Christ by sharing our lives and the gospel with international migrant workers in the unreached community of Maine. The purpose of this ministry is to intentionally and strategically work and live with international workers to build a relationship that will provide an avenue for the love of Christ and the hearing of the gospel for the glory of God.

Our previous summer serving as summer missionaries to international workers was a challenging and blessed one. The people we interacted with daily came from all over the world—places such as Jamaica, Lithuania, Sudan, Mexico, and South Africa. There were also national workers from across the United States, mainly from California, Colorado, and Florida. It was interesting to meet people from many different cultures. However, it was even more interesting how we all interacted as a community together. This ministry experience was unique because it allowed us to live and work with the people; we sought to build relationships not for any selfish fulfillment but rather to love and share the gospel with these individuals. Workplace ministry allowed us to do ministry full-time while making money to help pay for college.

We understand that many people feel the need to choose between ministry or money for their summers. However, this is not the case for workplace ministry. We were able to save money to pay for tuition and pay off student loans. This ministry in Boothbay Harbor Maine also allowed us to minister to the surrounding community. The local church plant lovingly supported us and took us in as we came together to seek to bring the gospel to the both to the internationals and the locals.

This coming summer, we are prayerfully seeking out brothers and sisters who feel led to join us in this ministry. If you desire to fulfill the Great Commission this summer and feel impeded by pressing financial obligations—know that that is no excuse! Please prayerfully consider the possibility of leveraging your summer for the cause of Christ by going to Maine this summer.

From John Small and Chris Braudis

Ultimately, we are looking for 8-10 students who will live out the gospel this summer in Maine and would like to secure the team by March 17th.

If interested, please email John ([email protected]) or Dr. Mathias ([email protected]).

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