Editor’s Choice: My 3 Favorite Articles from 2019

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Last week, we shared with you the most read articles of 2019. Now, I share with you a few of my personal favorites. Before I do, I just want to say thank you again to the many of you who have contributed your time and effort to write for us. Serving as the editor for the CGCS blog has been a great joy and blessing.

Now, to the favorites!


1. Living Decisively in a World That Isn’t

Matt Rogers touched on such a personally convicting subject in this article — our inability to make decisions. He debunks the misconception that decisiveness and trust in the Lord are mutually exclusive. Ouch.

“It seems that the reluctance of many to formulate concrete dreams and take strategic steps toward those aspirations represents the spirit of the age more than a trust in the providence of God. Ours is an age of indecision.”


2. Lilias Trotter: A Woman Yielded to God’s Will

I wholeheartedly believe in getting lost in the pages of a biography, and I was incredibly grateful to get lost in this short missionary biography on Lilias Trotter by Rebecca Hankins.

“Lilias Trotter left the world a stunning example of a woman completely yielded to God’s will. She lives on in her extensive writings, beautiful paintings, and the continuing work in North Africa that was started by the Algiers Mission Band. She and her team embodied missiological and theological principles which still apply to cross-cultural work today…”


3. What Are You Doing Now? The Real Question to Ask Prospective Missionaries

As a prospective missionary, I was challenged by Ryan Martin’s insight regarding preparation and faithfulness right now. He offers helpful suggestions for both the individual and the church.

“The next time you or someone you know desiring to be a missionary asks ‘What’s next?’, seek to answer that question through the lens of a faithful representation of what you are doing now. While the context and culture may change, faithfulness in the church here and now will produce faithful churches and church members there and then.”

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