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A #GreatCommission Recap

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In this week’s #GreatCommission Recap…

We share about the recent rise of persecution in Algeria, an article from Lauren Pratt about Fall Break in Portland, and the first part of a series from Steve Addison on the Rise and Fall of Movements.

An Eye on the Nations – Current event

Last week, it was reported that Christians in Algeria are experiencing “crackdowns” from the government. According to Open Doors, at least 14 Protestant or independent churches have been shut down over the past couple years, including three last week.

This weekend, as we gather to worship, let’s remember that we enjoy privileges unknown by other Christians. Let us first be thankful for the blessing and peace the Lord has given us. Second, let’s pray diligently for our brothers and sisters (our body) who are suffering. Third, let’s seek to make the most of this moment of peace to better serve the Lord and others.

Mission Network News shares this insight from Denise Godwin of International Media Ministries:

“When you talk to people who are persecuted or have lived through it, they don’t say ‘pray that I escape it.’ They say ‘pray that I am strong.’ I would say let’s pray with the Algerian church, that they stay strong, but let’s also pray for our own culture not to forget the challenges that have been in history for Christians and that we would also remember.”

To learn more about what’s currently happening in Algeria, check out these helpful resources:

This week’s articles:

Fall Break in Portland: Learning about the Long Haul

Lauren Pratt shares about her recent experience in Portland, Oregon over Southeastern’s Fall Break mission trip.

If there’s anything I learned from going to Portland for a week, it’s that the Great Commission can’t happen overnight. It’s a command that requires faithful pursuit of Christ and his kingdom over the long haul. In so doing, we can establish a rapport and earn a place to speak the truth of the gospel.

Steve Addison: The Rise & Fall of Movements (Part 1)

Steve Addison, author and speaker, discusses why movements for God rise and fall. This is the first of a three part series. Keep an eye out for the next two!

“What is the Father writing on the heart of the Son at the launch of this incredible move of God? What is of absolute, central, foundational importance?… We don’t surpass [Jesus]. So everything that is in Jesus’ heart in preparation for this great movement needs to be in our hearts.”


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