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A #GreatCommission Recap

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In this week’s #GreatCommission Recap… a look at the ongoing struggle in Syria, how human’s desire for love exposes our need for the gospel, and what Valentine’s Day and missions have in common.

An Eye on the Nations

After hearing about something for nine years, it’s easy to tune it out. We do this with something as awe-inspiring as the gospel, so it only makes sense that we do it with the news. But the people of Syria need our prayers. Though it may not be what makes the headlines these days, the war in Syria continues—displaced peoples are wandering for refuge, children are dying from a lack of basic human needs, and the crisis, though nine years in, may be at its worst.

An article from Al Jazeera states the following:

The humanitarian situation for people in northwest Syria is “at the most critical points,” the U.N. said, adding that the massive scale of human displacement over such a short period of time has increased needs exponentially.

David Swanson, U.N. regional spokesperson for the crisis in Syria, said more resources, including funding, are immediately needed to save lives and alleviate suffering, predicting the 800,000 figure will rise in the coming days as the government offensive continues.

“This level of displacement couldn’t come at a worse time as more and more people are squeezed into an increasingly smaller area of land with little more than the clothes on their back,” he said, describing people fleeing in the middle of the night to avoid detection in temperatures below zero.

“The crisis is deepening by the minute, but the international community remains indifferent,” Swanson added.

The international community at large may remain indifferent, but there are ways that we, as the Church, can respond to their needs. First and foremost, we can pray! However, if you would like to do more, the IMB is responding and sending workers into areas with displaced Syrians. You can partner with them here. Baptist Global Response also provides for very practical needs, and you can partner with them here.

To learn more about the Syrian Crisis, check out these other resources:

This week’s articles:

What Valentine’s Day and Missions Have in Common

Dr. Scott Hildreth reminds us that true love is compelled to actually do something; in our case—to go.

“We are compelled to reach the nations because we understand that Christ, out of his love, died for them.”

A Spike in Online Dating and the Need for the Gospel

Anna Daub challenges us, as the church, to consider how we can love those who are searching for love in all the wrong places.

“…we, the church, need to see these people for who they are: broken people who have had their safe realities shaken and are searching for something. They want people who love them. They want hope. They don’t want to be alone. They are searching for something to make sense of their broken dreams. The culture tells them that the answer is a romantic relationship. The Bible tells the world that the answer is Christ and His church.”

Southeastern 5K 2020

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The Southeastern 5K is coming up quickly. Would you show us love this Valentine’s Day and help us reach 300 runners by the end of the day? Learn more and register here.

We could also still use some help on the day of the race. If 5Ks aren’t your thing but you’re interested in volunteering, you can sign up for a specific volunteer position here.

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