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A #GreatCommission Recap

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In this week’s #GreatCommission Recap, a look at what’s going on in South Sudan, ways to pray for chaplains with missionary hearts, and how to engage intentionally during this Thanksgiving season.

An Eye on the Nations

The years-long war in South Sudan has made gospel ministry very difficult. Quite frankly, it has made life in general very difficult. Conflict seems to be constant, both without and within. Recent efforts to form a unified government have again been postponed, and it seems that there is no end in sight. For the church in Sudan, pastors have been displaced and churches have been destroyed. Let’s pray that peace will come, that progress will be made, and that the gospel will take root in this new country.

To learn more about what’s going on in South Sudan, check out the following articles:

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This week’s articles:

Missionary Living at Thanksgiving

Curious how you can leverage the holidays to share the gospel? Matt Rogers shares some practical ways we can be intentional during this Thanksgiving season.

“Missionary living doesn’t come naturally to most of us. Fortunately, there are times when culture throws us a softball pitch that makes it easier to engage those far from God with the truth of Jesus. Hitting that pitch simply requires a bit of intentionality. Holidays provide that softball for strategic missionaries.”

Veterans Day: An Opportunity to Pray

It may not be Veterans Day any longer, but this encouraging video about how God is using chaplains will surely prompt you to pray. SEBTS student Noah Starnes also offers some helpful insight into the work chaplains do.

“Jesus probably spent about two to three years with His disciples before sending them out. Chaplains will be with the military members for approximately the same amount of time. Those military members will then be sent all over the world. There will be no application process, no fundraising, no commissioning ceremony; they will just go.”

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