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A #GreatCommission Recap

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In this week’s #GreatCommission Recap, we take a look at what’s happening in Iran and how it could affect believers, are reminded of the “haunting, undeniable truth of the Bible,” and hear about past impacts and lessons from GTI.

An Eye on the Nations

Soon after the start of the New Year, the news exploded with information regarding the killing of Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani. Since his death, tensions have increased between the US and Iranian government, a plane carrying primarily Iranian passengers was shot down, and numerous other issues have been brought to the forefront in the Middle East. Currently, protests in Iran ensue and many are wondering what will happen next.

The church in Iran is known to be growing rapidly through underground churches and reportedly has “one of the highest conversion rates in the world.” Despite the tragedy and the unknowns of the future, God is certainly at work in Iran. We can only trust that He can and will use the current evil for good. With that said, believers tend to face increased persecution and difficulty during times of war. Let us pray for our brothers and sisters, for their endurance and faithfulness to Christ, and as always, that the gospel of grace would go forth as a beacon of light amidst great darkness.

To learn more about what’s going on in Iran (and Iraq), check out the following articles:

This week’s articles:

The Haunting Undeniable Truth of the Bible

What does the Bible say about those who never respond to the truth of the Gospel?

“The question regarding the exclusivity of the gospel and what happens to the unevangelized is more than an intellectual or theoretical exercise. This question is attached to faces, names, and experiences. Honestly, I wish I could ignore the question, but the consequences are too great. Millions have not heard, and the Bible is clear — unless a person hears the gospel and personally responds in faith, there is no hope for salvation.”

The One Versus Millions

Dr. John Ewart oversees the Global Theological Initiative here at Southeastern. This past experience of his in India serves as a great representation of how God has and is using GTI partnerships to bring light to the darkness.

“Because of our partnerships, I travel around the globe. Not too long ago I was in India meeting with a potential partner. While there, I also observed a huge Hindu festival in the city in which I was staying celebrating one of their millions of gods. The festival featured beautiful flowers and brightly colored lights. The city was brilliant with color each night. The irony hit me — thousands of people, or even more, celebrating darkness with light.”

Southeastern 5K 2020

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Did you know that proceeds from the Annual Southeastern 5K go toward supporting global theological education? Well, now you know! The Global Theological Initiative seeks to use the resources at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to do just this. As you consider ways you’d like to make a difference this upcoming year, will you consider running in our race so others can be equipped to say #iamgoing?

The race is February 29th, 2020 right here in the beautiful town of Wake Forest. Register before the price increases on January 13th and receive a free race shirt! Learn more and register here.


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