Prayer Walk: Station 6

International Prayer Request:

Deaf Peoples: The Deaf are some of the least evangelized people on earth, and Indonesia has the fourth largest Deaf population in the world at over 2.5 million. Less than 2% of them follow Jesus. Pray for a Deaf team that has been working hard the last two years to film Bible stories in Indonesia’s local sign language. Pray the Deaf can see and respond to the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. Pray that Deaf believers would share the gospel with with their friends and family who do not know the name of Jesus.

North American Prayer Request:

Cleveland, Ohio: Pray for Send City Missionaries, Tate and Natalie Stevens in Cleveland. Pray for their new church plants and that they would be successful in the Lord’s eyes. Pray that the missionaries and church planters in Cleveland would stay humble and hidden in Christ as they strive to glorify His name. Pray that the gospel not only reaches the lost but stirs up a promptness to seek new life in Christ and that there would be solid discipleship to follow. Pray for students being sent to serve in the city and that they would desire to make this city their home for the sake of sharing the gospel.

Cleveland is one of our GenSend cities. If you would like to GO to Cleveland with GenSend Click Here.

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