Southeastern sends hundreds of students all over the world every semester. These trips are an incredible opportunity to GO with our professors to see what God is doing all over the world, and participate in His amazing work among the nations there.

Upcoming Trips

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Join us during spring break for an opportunity to engage in leadership training and cross-cultural gospel interaction among an unreached people group in Central Asia! We will be engaging in theological training and cultural exchange with Central Asian natives and refugees as we study the biblical history behind events and locations central to the book of Revelation. This is a great opportunity to learn about other cultures, share about your own culture to other people groups, and have intentional conversations with those who may have never had the opportunity to respond to the gospel. Apply today!

Dates: March 1-9, 2019

Cost: $2,000 ($250 deposit required with application)


If you are a student in the college house system, join us during spring break in Lynch, Kentucky as we serve a local rural community through community development projects and evangelism. If you have a heart for the lost and those in need, this is a great opportunity to join other college students in serving people and sharing the gospel! More details to come soon!

Dates: March 2-9, 2019

Cost: $175 ($25 Deposit)


More details coming soon!

This trip to London is offered in conjunction with the Literature and Missions course* which focuses on British Detective novels. We will be in the land of the novels and exercising our abilities to use detective stories missionally as a bridge to the gospel.  It will be an investigation of literature in various genres and periods with a focus on the cultural values reflected in the literature and the cultural values of the literary consumers in order to build bridges from the literature to reach specific cultures with the gospel. In this course, students will examine the copies, echoes, and mirages of heaven in popular literature in order to be able to discuss biblical truths from the common ground of literature. The course will exercise students’ critical thinking and writing skills and contribute to their spiritual formation, theological integration, and ministry preparation.

*Note: in order to go on this mission trip, you must be registered to take the missions practicum (MIS 6990) AND the Literature and Missions course with Dr. Miles (course number TBA). You can still take the literature course without going on the trip, but the course is required to attend this trip, in addition to the missions practicum requirement.

IMPORTANT: Tuition is waived ONLY for the missions practicum (MIS3990/6990) associated with this trip. 

Contact our office or Dr. Miles for more information.

Dates: April 13-20, 2019

Cost: $2,000 ($250 deposit required with application)


You’ll see a different side of Germany on this trip. This trip will take us to the Ruhr Valley and the city of Moers to work alongside of IMB missionaries. The focus of the work is Central Asian peoples. We will get to know the area and participate in the ministry through English corners, prayer walking, and other outreach opportunities.

Dates: May 12-24, 2019

Cost: $2,000 ($250 deposit required with application)

Application is now closed. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list, email

If you have a heart for Southeast Asia and a passion for evangelism, consider joining us this summer in Malaysia. The purpose of the trip is primarily evangelism, but there may also be the opportunity to train some national leaders. The trip will also give you an opportunity to see what it is like to live and serve overseas as well as to learn about three major world religions (Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism).

Working with IMB missionaries, we will spend the first half of the trip in Kuala Lumpur working with international students (including students from closed Islamic countries). Most of the time will be spent in personal (and possibly sport) evangelism, and because English is commonly spoken in Malaysia, you will be able to communicate with people without the need of a translator. The second half of the trip will be in Penang where we will do outreach to nationals, prayer-walking, and possibly training of national leaders. We will work closely with IMB missionaries to help them implement their overall strategy.

*Note: The length of this trip is longer than our average international mission trips which is reflected in the higher price; however, the required deposit will remain the same at $250.

Dates: June 24 - July 6, 2019

Cost: $2,250 ($250 deposit required with application)


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