Southeastern sends hundreds of students all over the world every semester. These trips are an incredible opportunity to GO with our professors to see what God is doing all over the world, and participate in His amazing work among the nations there.

Upcoming Trips


The CGCS will partner directly with the House System of The College at Southeastern to take 40-50 students to rural Kentucky (Harlan County) to engage in a variety of mission events. Our students will be doing some construction work, literacy training, food distribution, kids’ camps, etc. All of this is being done as a platform for sharing Christ in this part of the country. This trip is only for college students who are members of one of our four college houses.

Cost: $125

Date: March 4-10, 2018

Application is now closed.

Dr. Hildreth and a team of 8-10 students will work alongside believers from around the world to participate in outreach events designed around local holidays in their city.

Cost: $2,500

Date: March 24—April 1, 2018

Application is now closed.

Every year, Southern Baptist seminaries and NAMB partner to share the gospel with as many people as possible in the city that will host the Southern Baptist Convention. This year the SBC will be held in Dallas, TX. During this trip, students will spend each morning in evangelism training with the other seminaries. We will then GO out with churches in Dallas and do the work of the Great Commission.

Cost: TBD
Date: June 3-11, 2018

Dr. Whitfield will lead a team of students to participate in evangelism and connect with young men and women on college campuses and around the city.

Cost: $2,500

Date: July 12-24, 2018

Application is now closed.

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