The CGCS hosts conferences, meals, conversations, seminars, and other events throughout the year in order to equip and network our students as they seek to GO proclaim the good news among the nations. See what we’ve got going on, and join us!

Upcoming Events

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Looking for a new mug to add to your collection? Our brand new CGCS mug is available now! They are $6.50 per mug if you pay with a credit/debit card OR $5 per mug if you pay in cash. Drop by the CGCS office in Jacumin-Simpson to buy one (or several)!

We have had some inquiries from Distance Learning students and alumni about ordering a mug. Unfortunately the cost of shipping is higher than expected and we will not be able to accommodate these requests. We apologize for the inconvenience!

GenSEND is a student missionary initiative by the North American Mission Board. Let’s set aside all the fancy ways to describe it and sum it up this way: it’s a no-brainer! Students between the ages of 19 and 25 that are still single (unmarried) can spend eight weeks in some of the largest cities in North America and get front line ministry experience. What better way to spend your summer than join one of these teams: Puerto Rico, Toronto, San Diego, and Portland?
  • What's the cost? $600 + airfare
  • Benefits: missional experience, heart for the cities, and a debit card to pay for expenses upon arrival. 
Interested? Want to know more? Contact Derrick Rudolph: for more information.