Prayer Walk: Station 8

International Prayer Request:

Asian Pacific Rim: Pray for missionaries and local Korean Christians for a revival in local churches in South Korea. Pray for unity within the church and among church leaders. Pray for a small group of believers and missionaries that are eagerly seeking to impact locals with the gospel. Pray that the group will grow not only in numbers, but also in spiritual maturity and in passion for God and His mission to impact South Korea’s increasingly secular society.

North American Prayer Request:

Boise, Idaho: Pray for Send City Missionaries Matthew and Bethany McDonald in Boise. Pray for the 9 out of 10 people who are unchurched in the city. Pray that they would hear the gospel and place their faith in Jesus. Pray for the six college campuses that are filled with lost students and for young believers to share the gospel with them. Pray for a revival in Boise and for the hearts of people to turn to Christ.

Boise is one of our GenSend cities. If you would like to GO to Boise with GenSend Click Here.


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