Prayer Walk: Station 5

International Prayer Request:

Europe: Pray for Susan C., the Nease family, and the Krause family serving in Warsaw, Poland. Pray as they begin planting a new church and that the Holy Spirit would guide them as they share the gospel. Pray that locals would come to faith in Jesus with a passion to live missionally. Pray for local partners to be renewed in their passion for the Lord and the lost. As Ukrainians settle in Poland, pray that the Lord would press on the hearts of believers in Poland to share the gospel with them. Also, pray that the Ukrainian evangelicals be a strong force in sharing the gospel with Poles.

North American Prayer Request:

New Orleans, Louisiana: Pray for church planters, Dawest and Esther Louis, and Connect International Church. Pray God will soften the hearts of the lost people they are trying to reach with the gospel in New Orleans. Pray for their core team as they serve for the advancement of God’s kingdom in New Orleans. Pray God will provide the resources they need to do the work.

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