Course FAQ’s


If I go on a trip, do I have to take a class?

Yes, there is no way around this requirement. Even if you don’t need the credit, if you go on the trip, you take the class.


Do I have to pay for the class?

No, the tuition for all mission trips run through the Center for Great Commission Studies is waived.


If I go on more than one trip will the credit still count?

Yes, the credit will count as an elective.


Do I have to be an on-campus student to go on mission trips?

No, anyone enrolled in any program at Southeastern is eligible for consideration on a mission trip run through the CGCS.


Is there a way to get credit for mission trips run through my church?

Yes, for more information on requirements for earning credit for mission trips done outside of Southeastern please click here.

Financial FAQ’s


Are there scholarships for mission trips?

Yes and no. All mission trips are scholar-shipped in that we subsidize a large chunk of the cost for each student on every trip. There is additional funding available for minority students who apply and are accepted into the Kingdom Diversity Missions Initiative program. For more info, click here.


How do I or my donors make payments for mission trips?

Payments for mission trips can be made by checks made out to SEBTS brought by the CGCS or online by clicking here.


What does the cost of the trip cover?

The cost of the trip covers travel, housing, and food.


What if I have to back out of a trip, will the money I’ve paid and raised be refunded for me?

Students are responsible for all money paid on their behalf for mission trips. No donated funds can be refunded to students under any circumstance. Students may only be refunded money they have paid themselves with approval from the Director of the CGCS.


What if I over raise?

If a student raises more support than is due for their trip, the amount that has been over raised is dispersed to students in need of trip funding.

**If you are a professor and interested in leading a mission trip, please fill out the form below and contact our Director, Dr. Scott Hildreth for more information.

Mission Trip Prospectus Form