July 31-August 10 | $2,200-$2,500

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland that houses an increasingly international and diverse population of roughly a half a million people. Today, it is the vibrant epicenter of a culturally rich modern ethos set against a visually stunning late-Medieval landscape. 

Based on the current population growth and present gospel efforts in the country, Scotland as a nation will tick down to roughly 1-2% evangelical in the next few years. Thus, in a country with a rich Christian heritage and tradition, the land of John Knox and the birthplace of Presbyterianism, the lostness is so dense that based on their measures, the IMB would classify this as an unreached people group. Most planters and pastors describe the culture as either post, post-Christian or even pre-Christian. 

In the end, Edinburgh is a confluence of contrast between the old and the new, spiritually vibrant and spiritually dead.

On this mission trip we'll be working with a large hub sending Baptist Church (Charlotte Chapel) and some of their recent and pre-launch locally autonomous church plants; thus, the focus will be on international church planting models, efforts, and strategies. This trip will take place during the 2020 Edinburgh festival, which Charlotte Chapel strategically leverages for gospel work in the urban city centre.