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Mission Trip Prospectus

SEBTS Mission Trip Prospectus

Each year the Center for Great Commission Studies (CGCS) sponsors several mission trips. We go, literally, around the globe. Some of the trips will focus on evangelizing the lost, while others will focus on discipling national leaders to reach their own people. Some trips will be to unreached people groups, while others will be to fields that are yielding a great harvest. At the center of this variety, however, is a unifying focus: that healthy, reproductive churches be planted among every people group of the world. The goal of SEBTS mission trips is primarily to equip students to fulfill their lifetime roles in the Great Commission, and secondarily to assist IMB missionaries in their strategic task. In light of that, professors are encouraged to organize trips in conjunction with IMB and/or NAMB personnel. Those wishing to organize trips through other means must seek approval for, and offer justification for, such trips in the mission trip prospectus.

Faculty and adjuncts can submit a proposal for a trip fitting the overall goals and focus of SEBTS mission trips. The following prospectus form should be filled out and submitted to the Director of the CGCS. All mission trip prospectuses for the upcoming academic year are reviewed by the Director and the Associate Director of the CGCS at the end of the previous Spring semester. Therefore, professors must submit their prospectus to the CGCS by the end of the Spring semester. This timeline allows professors and students to plan for the trip, for SEBTS to advertise the trip, and for travel agents to find acceptable ticket fares. Any questions about how to prepare this mission trip prospectus may be addressed to the CGCS.

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