Interview with Dr. Ant Greenham About His New Book

Recently two Southern Baptist missiologists and professors have put together a book addressing one of the most crucial questions about Muslim evangelism and Missions. Dr Ant Greenham, Associate Professor of Missions and Islamic Studies at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Dr. Ayman Ibrahim, Bill and Connie Jenkins Associate Professor of Islamic Studies and director of […]

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Some Missional Thoughts About the Migrant Caravan

Unless you have signed off social media and have turned off your television, you have read/heard the stories about a so-called caravan of migrants making its way across Central America toward the US border. Thousands of men, women, and children have been traveling for weeks across Honduras and Mexico in the hope of entering the […]

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Why is the Great Commission in the Bible?

Matthew 28:18-20 is not just a familiar passage to most of us, it is our missions anthem. In this scene, Jesus has his followers, His disciples gathered around him, and before he ascends he could tell them anything, but he sends them among ALL nations to make disciples…Jesus entrusts His disciples with a worldwide task! […]

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Missional Routines

Routine – 1. a regular course of procedure 2. habitual or mechanical performance of an established procedure Those definitions really make you want to jump out of bed and get busy, don’t they? I know, we all hate the idea of routines. They seem so mechanical, so unspiritual. They’re so . . . well, routine. […]

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Astronauts and Missionaries

This December marks the 50th anniversary of the exhilarating Apollo 8 mission. I recently listened to the accounts of how these men trained to accomplish what seemed like an impossible task, and then later worked together as a team to accomplish that very task in Jeffrey Kluger’s Apollo 8: The Thrilling Story of the First […]

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Question Your Lens

Advertisements for Google Pixel 2 state, “Question your lens.” Their three current commercials are a combination of fun, heartwarming, and thought-provoking. In one, a group of African Americans from a lower income neighborhood turn out to be caretakers of horses that bring the whole neighborhood together. In another, a seemingly traditional 86 year old Japanese […]

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The Disciple-Making Shift

In a now famous study of popcorn by Brian Warnsick at Cornell, movie goers were given two sizes of popcorn buckets. Each of the buckets was massive, too large for one person to consume all the popcorn. The question: when given an overwhelming amount of popcorn to eat, would the size of the bucket matter? […]

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Video Highlight: Interview with Derrick in Puerto Rico

Check out this video by Doug DuBois as he interviews Derrick Rudolph. Derrick is a M.DIV. student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and is currently serving in Puerto Rico through the CGCS and SEND Relief with NAMB as the island recovers from the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

Watch as Derrick introduces himself, explains his passion for these people, and describes one of the biggest things he's learned during his time in Puerto Rico:

To read some of Derrick's personal updates from Puerto Rico, click here or here.

How Our Calendar Helps with Evangelism

“What is Easter? I have never heard of it before.” This question shocked me. Who hasn’t heard of Easter? I was sitting in a class in Germany. My wife and I had been studying German for several months with people from all over the world. The teacher announced that the class would not meet Friday […]

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