Policy for Granting Credit for Mission Trips


School Affiliated Trips:        3 hour credit

Mission Trips Sponsored by Local Churches, IMB, NAMB, etc.
These trips do not have on-site faculty supervision

Minimum of 1 week but less than 2 weeks     1 hour Master’s Workshop Credit

2 weeks but less than 4 weeks                  2 hour Master’s Workshop Credit

30 or more days                                              3 hour Missions Practicum

60 or more days                                              6 hour Missions Practicum


Courses must have a supervisory professor, registration completed and fees paid prior to the trip. Additional reading, research and writing would be required.

Students are encouraged to go on any and all mission trips whether or not academic credit is being offered.

Master’s Workshop courses are given a Pass/Fail grade.


  1. 500 pages of reading per credit hour (1 hour credit—500 pages; 2 hour credit—1000 pages; 3 hour credit—1500 pages)
  2. Three page book review for each book read (All books must be approved by the professor. At least one book should be related to the country/people group and at least one book should be related to missions.
  3. Daily log
  4. Five page summary report of your experience