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The International Church of Batam (ICB) is located on the island of Batam, Indonesia, a short ferry boat ride from Singapore.  ICB was founded in February of 2006 to meet the need for an English worship experience on the island.    The church today is made up of largely American and Indonesian units, along with attendees from a number of other countries.  Outside of a Sunday afternoon worship and children’s Sunday School, the church also has regular Wednesday night Bible study as well as Sunday Night youth group for teens.

ICB is currently seeking a pastor of Shepherding to come and serve the Lord by serving the ICB community.  The Pastor of Shepherding would largely focus on maintaining relational connections with the ICB community, overseeing the various ministries and activities, and handling needs that arise.  This in addition to sharing preaching and leadership responsibility with the elders.

If you are interested in this position, check out the job description below and contact the church directly at:  internationalchurchofbatam@gmail.com 

ICB Role Description

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