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After serving in Pittsburgh for 3 years we moved to Barre, Vermont to take on the leadership of Faith Community Church (FCC). FCC has a long history of church planting and missional engagement. Our goal is to reignite our Church Planting ministry in Central Vermont. It is one of the many ways as a church we strive to accomplish our Vision of Unity: Unite with Christ, Others and the World. As we will work in partnership with NAMB our goal is to provide a Church Planting residency for potentially 18 months. While at FCC you will have a chance to either add or build a core team made up of Vermonters that will help you plant an indigenous New England/Vermont Church. As a church we are looking for someone who would be willing to provide leadership to our Student Ministry while you are going through this training.

In addition to serving at FCC and building your launch team, the potential candidate will either have to work bivocationally or support themselves with partnerships. Our church can provide free housing (candidate only pays for utilities) and $500 a month. Vermont also has a fantastic health insurance subsidy program that lowers the cost of quality health insurance for your entire family.

Vermonters are incredibly friendly people. A good candidate for our state can have a wide-range of affinities for winter and winter sports; enjoy outdoor activities; have a heart for rural America; has an interest or affinity for eco-friendly lifestyle; enjoys sports-especially basketball, lacrosse, hockey, wrestling, field hockey; can think and live resourcefully and is willing to endure with great patience. If you are interested in joining us on mission in Vermont contact me at the information below.

Contact Information:

Rev. Chris Autry
Lead Pastor of Faith Community Church in Barre, VT | 412-852-9988

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