The New Process of Going with the IMB

Last week, the CGCS hosted a room full of those interested in the new changes to the IMB candidating process. Alan Garnett, IMB consultant for North and South Carolina, was with us to explain the new process and answer questions. If you missed a chance to engage in this evening, take a look at this helpful graphic: 

Overall, the new process includes three major phases:

1. Church Phase:

This phase engages the local church in the sending and affirmation process from the beginning. It includes an interview, basic questionnaires, and the sending church affirmation.

This is a huge win in terms of keeping the church central in the affirmation and sending process.

The Church Phase is a huge win in terms of keeping the church central in the IMB affirmation and sending process. Click To Tweet

2. RVA Phase:

For the uninitiated into the world of acronyms and the International Mission Board (IMB), RVA stands for Richmond, Virginia (the location of the IMB home offices). This phase includes an assessment of the full spectrum of submitted paperwork and a completed application. Included in this time is an Interview Conference which invited applicants attend.

This phase most closely mirrors the older candidating process with the IMB.

3. Field Phase:

Coming out of the Interview Conference, this phase includes a job matching process in which the field and applicants are in contact with one another.

This is another win-win for applicants and the field as both are seeking the best fit for maximal kingdom impact among the nations.

There are still details to polish and questions to answer, but this new process is positive and helps facilitate healthy, cooperative sending. By the way, the entire process is anticipated to take an average of 7-8 months…another win!

Overall, the night was affirming for many and a great introduction to the new IMB process for potential missionary candidates. The CGCS looks forward to working with as you go with the IMB.

If you would like to view the recording of Alan Garnett’s presentation, you can watch the video below:

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