Reflections from the GO Conference

This semester, Dr. Mathias is teaching a college and seminary class in which students attend the GO Conference in addition to the regular class requirements. The 2018 GO Conference took place on February 16-17 at Southeastern, and these students, along other attendees coming from across the southeast region, sat under the teaching of D.A. Horton, Danny Akin, Russell Moore, and Tony Merida over the course of the weekend, along with other speakers who led various breakout sessions focused on faith, culture, evangelism, and missions. Here are some takeaways from some of these students as they reflect on what they learned during the conference:

The biggest take away that I received from the conference was the reminder of our motivation for making disciples. We make disciples out of obedience and love for the Lord. We also make disciples because we want others to experience the salvation that Christ has given us. This reminder of our motivation was great and much needed.
David SwanStudent
I really liked how the GO Conference sessions focused first on laying a solid foundation for a love for God, his Word and his church to then explain how these aspects of our walk with Christ prepare us and propel us to share Christ with others. I had the chance to attend the breakout on biblical womanhood in the 21st century and how to talk to LGBTQ friends about Christ, both of which helped me think through how, as followers of Christ, we can interact with the current culture. One example from D.A. Horton’s session that stood out to me in particular was how he grieved for the family member that died without Christ. I want my heart to break for the lost in this way — that it would remind me to pray and seek out opportunities to share the gospel.
Lauren PrattStudent
A few thoughts and questions in response to the GO conference: We show what we believe about the Bible with what we do with the Bible. How easily do we let our own sin of pride get in the way of reaching someone with the gospel? Do we have compassion on false teachers who themselves are deceived of the truth of the gospel?
Brandon FosterStudent
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