SEBTS Students and Hurricane Relief

5 Things to Pray

We have a team of 19 on the ground in Florida this week helping with hurricane relief. Take a few minutes and pray these five things for them today:

  1. Holy Spirit – pray for dependence upon and filling for the team as they serve the impacted community.
  2. Clarity & Connection – pray for gospel clarity when sharing. Pray also for good relationships with the residents they are serving.
  3. Humble Service – pray the team will serve with joy no matter the job and no matter the circumstance.
  4. Lasting Impact – while the focus is on hurricane relief, pray that the impact of this team would last beyond this week. Pray for transformed lives, and that the local churches will continue to serve with energy and compassion in the months ahead.
  5. New Eyes – pray that the community will see Jesus and the church differently after this week. Pray also that the relief team will see ways they can continue to serve and minister in their own communities as they return home.

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