Reflecting on the Pillar Unite Conference 2017

As I reflect back on this past week of events with The Pillar Unite Conference I’m very thankful for the partnership that exists between our churches and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. The Pillar Network is comprised of churches that define their like-mindedness around these 6 key characteristics:

  • We proclaim the gospel of our Sovereign Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  • We submit to the Bible as our final authority in all matters of belief and life
  • We promote live, expository preaching to equip the church
  • We encourage churches to be governed by a plurality of male elders
  • We cooperate as Southern Baptists to fulfill the Great Commission
  • We commit to kingdom multiplication through church planting and revitalization

Southeastern’s commitment to equipping and training the next generation of Christ followers in partnership with local churches all over North America provides a solid foundation for our shared partnership.

In reflection, from this year’s gathering, there are four takeaways that I would encourage every person aspiring to be on a planting team or seeking to revitalize a church to consider:

  1. Submit yourself to a healthy local church that is willing to equip and send you out for the task that God is preparing. Planting or revitalizing a church should flow out of the ministry of a local church on mission.
  2. Encourage your church to cooperate with other like-minded churches to fulfill the task of equipping the next generation of leaders, planting churches, and revitalizing churches that are moving toward death. Our churches are blessed to cooperate within a healthy denomination made up of many churches committed to healthy disciple making. With so many churches in our denomination it is impossible to know everyone, but our churches should seek to influence and be influenced by select local churches in our denomination. Another term for this shared influencing is association. Joining a network based upon an affinity of core beliefs will increase momentum in fulfilling the cooperative task of expanding the Kingdom of God here on earth.
  3. If you aspire to plant or revitalize a church prepare now by increasing your network of pastors and planters that you respect so you may learn from their successes and failures. The Pillar Network has churches located in the majority of states throughout the US. Many of these churches are plants, some are revitalization works, and a growing number of reproducing churches that are reaching their community and planting new churches. Don’t wait to start developing influential relationships! Do that now!!!
  4. Learn more about Generation LINK. Generation Link is the Pillar Network’s farm system. Our churches are committed to equipping the next generation of leaders and we believe there is no better way than to provide opportunities for our future leaders to gain experience serving on staff at a church in our network for a summer and potentially a 1 or 2 year internship. To learn more about this awesome opportunity please visit

The Pillar Network is thankful for the opportunity to cooperate with SEBTS and we look forward to the fruit that will be born from this healthy partnership!

To learn more about the Pillar Network, visit their website.

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