Summer 2018 Missions Opportunity

Nomad Truck Venture

Interested in learning more about exploring a mission opportunity to the nomadic people groups of Central Asia? The below information is a collaboration between The Nomadic Peoples Network and Frontier Ventures and could potentially be a “defining trip of your life”. If you are a back packer, adventurer, camping enthusiast, or entrepreneur then this summer experience could be the opportunity for you.

“Join us on this 5 week “mobile work shop, traveling through the countries where nomads roam. The Nomadic Peoples Network together with Frontier Ventures gives you the chance to get to know the nomadic peoples of Central Asia. We’ll camp our way across countries and go over 3,100 miles. All along the way we will meet nomads and learn from those who work with them. What does God have for you on this trip? Will God give you a deep love for nomads and a desire to serve among them? Do you have what it takes for this kind of communal experience? Join us during the summer of 2018 and see.”

For more information email the Winter Launch Lab:

Nomadic Peoples Network

Frontier Ventures

Registration Here

Learn More Here ——————> ntv2018nm

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