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The Gospel is not how people get to heaven.
The Gospel is how people get to God.
John Piper

Why Missions?

This question haunts me, and maybe it haunts you too. When we think about the financial cost, the personal sacrifice, the family separation, not to mention the physical danger, the question makes sense.

If you are wrestling with God’s call to the mission field, perhaps you are asking, “God, why missions? Why not a life just like everyone else?”

John Piper helps answer this question. Missions is our participation in God’s mission of redeeming his fallen creation back to himself. If we only conceive of missions from human perspectives or as a benefit to other people, then we will always be haunted by the question. But, misisons is not just in the interest of others, it is for the glory of God and the fulfillment of his eternal mission.


Lord God in Heaven, let me never forget that the most loving act I can perform for others, is to introduce them you. This is also the most God glorifying activity as well. Lead me in this path…

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