The Weekly Amen

The Weekly Amen is a list of articles, videos, and other resources that I’ve recognized as content we want to Amen. This content will come from various platforms and highlight various perspectives on topics that affect the Church’s collective witness and contributes to influencing our emphasis on the Great Commission here at the CGCS

What the World Needs Most

What the world needs from the church is our indomitable joy in suffering and sorrow. Its not an accident that the greatest chapter in the Bible, I think, Romans 8 the Great Eight  ends with Paul doing everything in his truth-laden power to help our joy be indomitable in suffering.

Remember the Rural: Does Modern Church Planting Overemphasize the City?

A notable feature of this new church-planting movement is the near-exclusive focus on planting churches in cities. Most church planters, it seems, want to go urban, not rural. There are many positives about this focus on cities. Certainly, and most obviously, cities are filled with lots of people, and for that reason alone make a good target for church plants. There are also strategic considerations: targeting leaders and influencers”many of whom are located in major cities”makes a lot of sense.

Dealing with Rejection: How to Move Past the No, Thanks to Continue Sharing the Gospel

Evangelism and Parenting

Although the rejection of the gospel message is not necessarily an occasion for ‘forgiveness’, we need to be able to move past that rejection in a healthy way so that we continue to grow in our understanding of evangelism and God’s work in the lives of others. We also need to make sure we don’t take this rejection or opposition personally. So let me offer a few suggestions for when others have rejected the gospel message you have shared.

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Courtlandt Perkins is a Masters of Divinity student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, with an emphasis on Preaching and Pastoral Ministry. Courtlandt and his wife live in North Carolina where he also serves with Kingdom Diversity at Southeastern. He is passionate about making disciples and has aspirations to pastor full time in the future.
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