The Weekly Amen

The Weekly Amen is a list of articles, videos, and other resources that I’ve recognized as content we want to “Amen”. This content will come from various platforms and highlight various perspectives on topics that affect the Church’s collective witness and contributes to influencing our emphasis on the Great Commission here at the CGCS

When a Loved One Who May Not Be a Christian Dies

Is Christianity Good for the World?

The Number One Reason Missionaries Go Home

The most common reason missionaries go home is not due to lack of money, illness, terrorism, homesickness, or even a lack of fruit or response to the gospel. Regretfully, the number one reason is due to conflict with other missionaries. Yes, you read that correctly. From my own personal experience on the field and after five years training, equipping, and sending missionaries, I have witnessed this truth firsthand. In all my travels around the world, I’ve spent countless days with missionary teams of all types, sizes, and makeups and one reality remains true: none of them are perfect. In fact, toward the end of the 20th century the World Evangelical Alliance released a significant study that found “conflict with peers” as the top reason North American missionaries leave the mission field.

Is the Missional Movement Broken?

At the end of last year, Caesar Kalinowski asked “Who broke the Missional  Movement?” because as he puts it:

“that despite all of the hype and all of the ‘cool-factor’ connected to this hoped-for movement, most pastors and leaders I know have still barely embraced a lifestyle of discipleship and mission.”

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