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Behind the shameful apathy and lethargy of the church, that allows one thousand million. . . Human beings to go to their graves in ignorance of the gospel, there lies a practical doubt, if not denial, of their lost condition.

— A.T. Pierson —

It is hard for me to remember that every person I meet is not a Christian. Of those I am closest to, friends, family member, even co-workers, most believe. However, these are the minority. Every day I see, speak to, even laugh with, dozens of people who probably do not know Jesus as Savior.

But — I forget. I am too busy. I am in a hurry. I have other plans.

A.T. Pierson reminds us that around the world, untold millions do not know Christ and his love. These men and women are not different from those I meet every day, save one important fact. I don’t know if these untold millions ever cross paths with someone like me who is a Christian. When I travel around the world, I regularly talk with people who have never heard about Jesus. Many have never met a Christian. None have seen a Bible or been taught a Bible story.

This is why we use the word “lost.” It isn’t intended to be derogatory. It is a description of one who is wandering and doesn’t know the way home.

Lord God in Heaven – untold millions are lost. They cannot find their way home. Will you let me be one who shares the gospel with someone today. . .

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