Missional Summer

Today kicks off the Summer semester for our students. Some will continue taking classes. Others will spend the summer at home with families. A different group will be involved in ministries or missionary activities. The hope is that all of our students will seek ways to make this summer a missional season. No matter where God leads them, we are praying they will make a gospel difference in someone’s life. Week after week, class after class, chapel after chapel, we remind our students that they have been entrusted with the treasure of the gospel and have been given the commission to pass it along to others.


In this post, we are going to give tips for making a missionary difference this summer. Don’t be overwhelmed by the list. Pick one or two and start there — then let’s see what happens.


  1. Meet someone new and ask how you can pray for them. Check back later and ask how God has answered.
  2. Find a new ethnic restaurant. Ask the server what you can pray about for them. Go back one more time and ask how God answered. (HINT: Remember the server’s name!)
  3. Prayer Walk your neighborhood. Ask God to show you one ministry opportunity. Do it. (You get extra credit if you do this with other neighbors)
  4. Prayer Walk a different area (a problem area) of your community. Ask God to show you one ministry opportunity. Do it.
  5. Make a list of your closest friends. Ask God to show you the next step they need to take in their walk with him. Find a way to help each friend move closer to Jesus.
  6. Write down the name of one unbelieving friend. Let this summer be the season that you share the gospel with that friend.
  7. When you go on vacation (to a new town) share the gospel with someone. There is no reason to be intimidated. You will probably never see them again so treat this like a mission trip.
  8. Spend one day fasting and praying. Ask God to give you a deep hunger to see unbelievers come to know Him.
  9. Start a Bible Study in your neighborhood or with co-workers. There are many helps for doing this. You can work with unbelievers or believers. See if you can get a group to agree to meet for six weeks.
  10. Ask your pastor how you can help him, or the church, share the gospel with church prospects.

These ten suggestions are only the beginning. Let your creativity guide you this summer. But, don’t waste the season.

Let us know what you try and how goes.


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