The Weekly Amen

The Weekly Amen is a list of articles, videos, and other resources that I’ve recognized as content we want to “Amen”. This content will come from various platforms and highlight various perspectives on topics that affect the Church’s collective witness and contributes to influencing our emphasis on the Great Commission here at the CGCS.

Preaching Christ From the Law

How then does one preach Christ from the law? Here are two insights to guide both your exegesis and exposition:

1. Jesus elevated the law to such a lofty degree that it underscores our inability to meet its demands.

2. Even though we are recipients of grace, we must still take God’s law seriously—including our responsibility to preach it.

The Most Common Misconception about Urban Church Planting


More Than Mere Equality: Identity Politics, White Privilege, and Gospel Peace

Jonathan Leeman is an elder at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., editorial director of 9Marks,

“But biblical equality makes Christ, the head, uppermost. Different people can play different parts with no threat to their basic equality. Biblical equality relishes difference and color and all the parts of the body. The hand needs the foot. The ear needs the nose. Indeed, greater honor is often afforded to the lesser parts, and all rejoice and mourn together for each part (see 1 Cor. 12).”

My Parents Say Missions is a Waste of American Blessings

John Piper address this important question submission through his weekly podcast “Ask Pastor John”.

“My parents, on the other hand, say that this would be a waste of my life, and that I would be a fool to leave America, which is, they say, the greatest nation in the world. I graduate in June. What steps do I need to take in the coming months to convince my parents that going is a good thing? Would it be dishonoring to them if I went without their affirmation? I love America. I love my parents. But as you pointed out in one of your articles, God is calling people to leave America for the sake of the nations. I think that’s me. What are your thoughts?”

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Courtlandt Perkins is a Masters of Divinity student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, with an emphasis on Preaching and Pastoral Ministry. Courtlandt and his wife live in North Carolina where he also serves with Kingdom Diversity at Southeastern. He is passionate about making disciples and has aspirations to pastor full time in the future.
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