Exciting New Class at SEBTS

  MIS 6970 Current Topics in Christian Missions: Cross Cultural Missions Strategies July 17-21, 2017 Monday-Friday, 8:00-5:00 Location TBA
FACULTY TEAM: This course will be taught by veteran IMB church planters, with a variety of field and administrative experience. 
LEAD PROFESSORS:    Dr. Clyde Meador      Email: cmeador@sebts.edu
  Dr. Doug Coleman   Email: dcoleman17@gmail.com 


The complexity of cultures and religions around the world and even in the U.S. demands varied approaches to sharing the Gospel with those God calls us to reach.  Delve into this course to get a comprehensive introduction to accessing, evangelizing, discipling, planting churches, and training leaders in the major religio-cultural situations we encounter.  We’ll see the basic strategies for seeking to reach Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, animists, secularists, and others.

This class will be taught by two professors who have extensive experience on the field and in IMB leadership.

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