We must be global Christians with a global vision because out God is a global God.”

John Stott

The current political scene is a difficult for many Christians. One of the most hotly contended issues concerns international relationships and immigration. Many have expressed opinions about the role one nation should play on the world stage and in relationship to other sovereign countries. All these are valid questions and decisions are fraught with peril.

As Christians pray about these issues, how are we to think? John Stott, in the quote above, supplies a healthy Christian perspective.

1. Christians must reject “single nation myopia.” That is, we cannot think that our only concern is the country in which we live in or the people we live among.

2. Christians must reject “single people prosperity.” That is, our praying and living should be for the good of the nations. The greatest good is that others have opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus.

3. Christians must reject “political atheism.” That is, we cannot allow our political concerns to cause us to forget God or his purposes.

Lord of the nations. Shape my thinking so that my mind and my heart match yours. When I do not know how to speak, let my words only be those that edify others and advance your kingdom.

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