Planter’s Bulletin: Hub Church Boston 2016 Year in Review

Periodically, our goal is to bring you an update from one of our many church plants/planters on the work being done in their specific context. From these updates, our goal is to provide practical ways we can support their efforts, learn from their work, and/or identify practical applications.

 To start the New Year, we bring you Hub Church Boston and Planting Pastor Charlie Dunn.

Nestled in the heart of the “Southie” neighborhood of Boston, MA Hub Church Boston has sought to bring the Gospel to their context via their growing network of “Missional Families” that function as the “hub” of life and ministry in their respective communities. Through these “hubs” life, relationships, discipleship, service, and evangelism all come together as Gospel driven families seek to be the light of Christ in their areas of influence.


2016 a Year of Freedom & Family

Hub Church Boston and their Missional Families began the year by praying that God would allow 2016 to be a time when those with whom they lived, worked and played not only heard about God and connected with their church, but also helped them (as a church body) enjoy, embody and extend the freedom & family found through faith in Jesus Christ

2016 is now a thing of the past, however God’s grace and blessings were many as Hub Church Boston sought to live life together with their neighbors in Southie Boston:


Enjoying Freedom & Family

This past year God blessed Hub Church Boston through the collective enjoyment of gathering as Missional Families, as a church community in worship, and through growth and discipleship.


Embodying Freedom & Family

2016 also brought the Southie neighborhood the embodiment of the Gospel through Missional Families serving in and around their communities.

Extending Freedom & Family

Finally, 2016 also opened the door to multiple opportunities in and around Boston for Hub Church to bring forth the Gospel message and baptize many new believers. This even included a joint Good Friday service with five other local churches that was held at Faneuil Hall marking the first time in nearly 125 years the Gospel had been preached from this historic location.


If you are interested in learning more about Hub Church Boston and their specific efforts visit You can also keep up with Hub Church Boston on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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