“Had I cared for the comments of people, I should never have been a missionary

C.T. Studd

C.T. Studd served as a missionary in China and Africa. He was a leading figure in the Student Volunteer Movement. Read another Musing and Meditation from C.T. Studd here

There is an American Dream. The details may be different and the descriptions may vary, but our culture is consumed with a powerful dream. This dream includes physical comfort, financial security, peaceful family, and a protected future. Most of the people we know are concentrating on this dream. The pursuit of this dream keeps our culture “in check” and keeps us all marching in the same direction. However, is this the dream God has placed in your heart? Is this God’s vision for the world and for his children? I think not.

When you choose to follow God’s call on your life, expect to hear comments and criticisms. In fact, if you do not hear criticisms about your life dreams, perhaps your dream is not of the Lord. C. T. Studd reminds us that facing, and ignoring, the criticisms of ungodly people, is necessary for obedience. God’s call is a challenge to the staus quo. The prevailing wind of this world is driven by sin and selfishness but the will of God is stained by the blood of Christ and shaped by His mission. Do not let the critics determine your life choices.

Father, I want to follow your narrow path, not the wide road of this broken world. Make my ears deaf to those voices that would lead me away from you and always open to your call.

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