“No one has the right to hear the gospel twice, while there remains someone who has not heard it once.”

Oswald J. Smith

Oswald Smith was a pastor in Toronto. He traveled extensively around the world engaging in missions as well as seeking to mobilize others to the nations.

How many bibles do you own? How many sermons have you heard? How much solid Christian resources do you have access to. Don’t feel guilty. God has given many of us an abundance of resources. Embrace them as his blessing. However, God’s blessings are not to be hoarded, but shared. What are you doing to leverage the abundance of God’s work in your life for the good of the nations.

Oswald Smith’s quote above is filled with logical problems. Few, if any, receive Christ on just one hearing. Disciple-making is a crucial part of missions and this requires more than one sermon. However, we dare not miss his point. Everyone on the planet must hear the gospel. Those of us who live in abundance have a moral obligation to share with those who with limited access. Don’t be like the man Jesus talked about (Luke 12) who looked at the abundance of God’s blessing and chose to keep it all for himself.

Jesus, Thank you for your goodness and blessings in my life. Open my eyes to see those who need the gospel. Open my mouth to tell them your good-news. Open my hands to release your blessings for your glory among the nations.

Scott Hildreth Administrator
Scott Hildreth is the director of the Lewis A. Drummond Center for Great Commission Studies. He frequently speaks on issues of missions, spiritual formation, missiology, and theology. Scott also produces content on his own blog at www.dshildreth.com.
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