Throughout the month of September, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary is challenging all students to actively engage in Gospel conversations and evangelism everyday of the month. The following list is extracted from my Evangelism Handbook which expresses many ways to share Christ with the lost. Will you go? Will you join us these 30 days?

59 Ideas for Sharing Christ’s Love

David Mills

  1. List all the lost people you know and pray for them daily. Ask God for His power and compassion. Ask God to keep the lost people you know alive until you or someone can get the gospel to them.
  2. Make a commitment to witness everyday. Few things happen without a prior commitment.
  3. List all the persons in your concentric circles (family, friends, neighbors, marketplace contacts, church) and make a commitment to witness to them.
  4. Do not forget to share your testimony and the gospel with the children or grandchildren in your family. This is witnessing, too, and of the most urgent kind.
  5. When at a restaurant, leave a generous tip (15% or 20%) and a tract. Write your contact information on it, too.
  6. Before your meal, ask your server, “We are about to ask God to bless our meal. Is there anything we can pray for you about when we do?” Usually, most servers are burdened for family and health.
  7. When you attend church with a lost friend, be sure your friend sits in the seat next to the aisle and you sit next to him or her. This will help your friend to walk the aisle to profess faith in Christ. Your friend will not climb over people to profess faith in Christ if he or she is sitting in the middle of the pew. All aisle seats in churches must be reserved for lost people.
  8. Gently approach people who are sitting by themselves and appear to be alone. Start a conversation and share the gospel.
  9. Invite a friend to a concert, revival, or special worship service at your church. Following the service, go out for dessert and talk about the message presented in the service.
  10. Send a birthday card to a friend. Enclose a personal note sharing about your own spiritual birthday.
  11. Write a letter or note of thanks to one who serves in the military services in our country. Include a scripture reference of 2 Timothy 2:1-4.
  12. Design your own business card to introduce yourself. Include a gospel presentation on the back of the card.
  13. Take contemporary Christian CDs to a juvenile detention center, youth receiving home or shelter. Attach a note to each item sharing John 3:16.
  14. Make a 10-15 minute video presenting the plan of salvation and explaining Believer’s baptism. Share the video with a lost friend.
  15. Go down to the local “hang out” where young boys play basketball. Ask to join the game. Share your testimony before you leave.
  16. Visit a lonely senior adult living at home, in a retirement center, or in a nursing facility. Share John 14:1-6 and present the gospel.
  17. Fill up with gas, go to the grocery store, or frequent convenience stores when no other patrons are there. Speak to someone about Christ.
  18. Write out your personal testimony. Practice giving it by sharing it with a friend. Do this twice a day for seven days.
  19. Write a note of congratulations when a friend, neighbor, or family member is recognized for success. Share how every good and perfect gift is from above.
  20. Develop a personal tutoring ministry for children of single parents or students who need to learn English as a second language. Use the ministry for opportunities to share Christ. Drive these children and families to church.
  21. Make a personal phone call to one who has received discouraging news recently. Share your personal testimony of how God sustained you in your hour of need. Pray with them over the phone.
  22. Share a Christian book with a friend. Tell them after they read it you would like to hear their opinion of it. Billy Graham’s biography is a hit!
  23. Include a gospel tract and note of appreciation along with a brief personal testimony when you mail your monthly utility payments.
  24. Make a visit to new parents. Share how Christ’s salvation helps you parent..
  25. During family devotional times, help family members to pray for the salvation of their lost friends. Encourage family members to tell their friends about Christ.
  26. Host a baptism party for family members when they follow Christ in baptism. Invite their friends and have the new convert share a testimony of salvation.
  27. Take a plate of home-baked cookies or a pie to a new neighbor. Include a note of welcome to the neighborhood, a New Testament, and church info.
  28. Host a dinner party or picnic for neighbors. Include conversation about relationships and conclude with an account of your most important relationship in life.
  29. Write a letter to your personal physician thanking him for his care. Include an acknowledgement of the Great Physician.
  30. Write a letter of thanks to your local elected officials. Tell them that you will pray for them as they seek to be of service to the community. Include a reference to your faith.
  31. Demonstrate the love of Christ with the giving of a gift. Share fresh produce or fruit from your garden. Tell the receiver you enjoy sharing the love of Christ with others.
  32. Conduct a Health Fair in a low-income housing area. Use Christian professionals to screen cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Conclude the screening with a Christian doctor or nurse sharing a gospel presentation.
  33. Go through your the Sunday School roles of your church and list the names of Sunday School members from grade four through senior adult who are not church members. Witness to those on this list each week until finished. These are the most cultivated persons in your community.
  34. As a church group set up a booth at community festivals or fairs. Give away cold water, drinks, and small gifts. Offer free copies of scripture and gospel materials.
  35. As a church group, conduct a Block Party. Have several trained witnesses to do personal witnessing.
  36. Offer a free car wash or other type of servant evangelism.

The following ideas were inspired by M. Hollifield’s 60 Ways to Share Christ and His Love (Cary, NC: Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, 1995).  The author has incorporated some of Hollifield’s ideas here.

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