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Do you remember where you were on 9/11/2001? I had just finished teaching my 9:00 AM class. As I entered chapel that day, the seminary community gathered to hear the news that our nation had been attacked.  Terrorists turned airplanes into missiles, killing thousands. How could this happen? A few years earlier one man named Osama Bin Laden became fed up with the United States. He convinced a group of young men to come to the United States, take flight training classes, and kill themselves in the mission to assault our land. He had amassed no great army.He was not a dictator over a mighty nation. But he started a movement, a movement that spread like a plague across the globe.Go back 2000 years. Look inside a big upper room to see 120 people praying. They had no standing with the Roman government. There were no elites in that room, no one who exhibited great influence. But they prayed, and when the Spirit fell upon them they went out, speaking the good news to all who would hear (Acts 2:10-11).

You are at Southeastern today because of that movement. You and I are part of a movement of God, advancing the gospel around the world. The world has been more greatly changed –– for good or evil –– by movements than by armies. This fall you have an opportunity to be part of a movement. The Center for Great Commission Studies is spearheading an initiative to encourage us to be busy doing what the early church did: advance the gospel, one person at a time.
We call it 30 Days of Going. Here’s what it looks like in a nutshell:This Thursday night, August 25: We will gather to pray for our neighbors and the nations in the Eitel Auditorium in the Jacumin Simmons Missions Building, from 7-9 PM.

Thursday, September 1-September 30: Thirty Days of Going. It’s simple, really. We are asking all who will, from students, to faculty and staff, to area churches, to any believer anywhere who wants to join, to attempt to share Christ every day for the month of September. We will be posting a lot of ideas to help with this. If you don’t get to share every single day it’s fine; we want to attempt to do so. There is something powerful about a group of people joining together to encourage one another for a mission bigger than us.

Tuesday afternoons in September: Door-to-Door Outreach. We will be doing this from 3-5 PM with local churches. Just show up in the Missions Building at 3 and we will go. Door-to-door is neither the only nor the best way to witness, but it is a great way to get a group out together. The last time I took a group to do this (this summer) we saw one come to Christ! We will also have one Wednesday night time.
Tuesday, September 6: Richland Creek Community Church
Tuesday, September 13: Restoration Church
Tuesday, September 20: Imago Dei Church
Tuesday, September 27: Open Door Baptist Church

Also: Wednesday night, September 14: North Wake Church
In addition, we will be having evangelism training and going out to share Christ through the No Place Left conference September 8-10 ( LINK)

Take a step out of your comfort zone; do something more than the typical American minimum. Join us, and let’s see what God will do in and through us both for His glory and for our good.
It just might radically change your life.

CGCS Administrator
Center for Great Commission Studies
The Great Commission Studies (CGCS) is the hub of Southeastern’s Great Commission efforts, helping develop students and faculty members who are Great Commission servants of their local churches. The CGCS serves the Southeastern community in four major areas: academics, research, mobilization, and convention relationships.
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