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Aaron Boswell, a church planter and pastor of Renaissance Church in Montreal, Canada, has an update on how ministry is going. Praise God for His faithfulness! Every detail in this update counts! Please continue to support this church and Montreal with your prayer.

 16 people at our worship gathering (excluding 8 regular attenders that couldn’t be there!!) – We also had a repeat family come tonight (with their 4 kids). They are a family that has been disconnected from church life for a while and the parents grew up going to church.  Their 14 year old son is thinking about volunteering as our computer guy and is also thinking about coming to our Gospel Community gathering on Wednesday night! Praise God! So, although the Stagg family was out of commission tonight due to sickness, we still had a room full of kids … so pray for us as we look for somewhere bigger to gather as we are running out of space for our kids! What a great problem to have!

College Ministry. We also had a mission team from Vermont come and do some ground work for our university ministry this upcoming summer and are getting really excited about this and some churches are bringing up College students to spend a week, or longer, with us! Praise God for how He provides!! Please pray along with us that we would have someone who would move to Montreal to work as a University Pastor at Concordia to either: 1) Plant a Collegiate Church or 2) Start a Baptist Collegiate Ministry on the campus of Concordia.

International World Changers. We had 33 high school kids, 7 adults, and 3 kids come and spend a week with us and serve in various ways in Little Burgundy and in Pointe St-Charles. We had the students building relationships at Drop In Centers and volunteering with other organizations. We had one student come to church with the team on their first Sunday here and many other students learned about our church through their amazing work! Pray for the students whose lives were touched as they met Christian students their age and pray for some of the Christians that we know already working and living out their faith in these organizations.

Specific Prayer Points for this upcoming week:

  • Graeme and Melissa are expecting their baby girl any day now
  • Samantha is meeting with a friend on Tuesday and would love your prayers
  • I’m (Aaron) meeting Pete for coffee on Wednesday
  • I am also meeting with a Berber guy (North African) on Thursday night for coffee and to hear about his culture, religion, etc.  Pray for Gospel conversations
  • Sam is also meeting with another friend on Saturday
  • James and Abi Copeland are coming into town on Saturday and he is preaching at Renaissance next week – pray for them as they are continuing to raise funds to move and work among North Africans and Middle Eastern Peoples here alongside of us in Montreal
  • Ben and Alyssa Fleet are also coming up to Montreal to connect with pastors next week as they are still fundraising to plant “The Well Community Church” through our church, making us a future Church Planting Church!  Awesome!  Pray for their fundraising.
  • Ron and Linda Kidd are also raising funds to work alongside of church planters in Quebec doing pastoral care and will be partnering with Renaissance as their “home church.”  Please pray for them as they are raising support.

We love you all so much!  Thanks for your continued prayers!

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The Great Commission Studies (CGCS) is the hub of Southeastern’s Great Commission efforts, helping develop students and faculty members who are Great Commission servants of their local churches. The CGCS serves the Southeastern community in four major areas: academics, research, mobilization, and convention relationships.
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