Redemption Hill Celebrates 5 Years!

Church planting is always teetering on the edge of succeeding (which is hard to define, but what I have in view is the pastor’s salary is being paid and the congregation can continue to meet—you know, the minimum) or utter failure. When we get reports of churches not just succeeding, but thriving, it is time to rejoice! Tanner Turley, a pastor of Redemption Hill Church, has news worth rejoicing over in his most recent update.

What a joy it was to celebrate God’s work over the past 5 years this past week! As I shared with everyone on Sunday, we would not be where we are today apart from 100’s of people like you who have made huge investments to see a gospel-centered church started here in Greater Boston. We are humbled and grateful by how you have journeyed with us and how God has used you in our story.

b5e6409e-faf8-49ec-bf89-3fe547488a3bThis Sunday was fun, festive, and pointed to the glory of Christ! So many elements came together to make our 5th Anniversary Celebration a wonderful occasion…

  • The worship was accentuated by our first vocal ensemble, the sermon on living as a city within the city, and the Story Art piece (below).
  • The Jazz Brunch was incredible. Excellent food. Excellent atmosphere. Excellent time.
  • The great crowd consisted of Community partners and many friends (new guests and former members of RHC). Once again, it reflected the diverse people God has brought together as he builds HIS church.
  • Thus far, we have collected $2,355 for the Transformation of one of the Boys & Girls Classrooms!

Redemption Hill Church has…

  • Grown from 13 people to 324 there on Easter this year (72 of them kids!), 1 to 12 Groups across the city, 0 to 124 members, and seen 41 people say they are “All In” with Jesus through baptism.
  • Hosted 18 Community Events for Medford (Soccer Nights, Eggstravaganzas, and Fun Nights).
  • Revitalized 25 Parks in Medford.3dbc23bf-3693-4f2e-ad8c-a27682e0e09e
  • Sent $216,741 to God’s mission beyond Redemption Hill (From our internal offerings over the past five years)!
  • Recently been named the Boys & Girls Club of Middlesex County’s 2016 Community Partner of the Year.
  • AND – seen 100’s of lives changed by Jesus!

Listen, you have been a HUGE part of all of that! Our hearts are lifted with gratitude for what God has done and anticipation over what God will do. We deeply believe: the best is yet to come!

From everyone at Redemption Hill (past, present & future), THANK YOU!



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