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There is a movement of health care missions conferences in the United States to help health care students in training or just out of training to more effectively serve Jesus Christ in local or overseas health care missions.

There will be just such a conference at Campbell Medical School here in the Triangle on September 10, 2016. 

This will be a one day conference to help challenge and encourage students to be more able to take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations. If you’re interested in signing up- registration is:


Ronald (Ron) Halbrooks, M.D.

Employed Duke Health System 
Sutton Station Internal Medicine
5832 Fayetteville Dr., Su 113
Durham, NC 27615
919.544.6644, Fax 919.544.0934
919.847.7236 Home; 919.818.8412 Cell



CGCS Administrator
Center for Great Commission Studies
The Great Commission Studies (CGCS) is the hub of Southeastern’s Great Commission efforts, helping develop students and faculty members who are Great Commission servants of their local churches. The CGCS serves the Southeastern community in four major areas: academics, research, mobilization, and convention relationships.
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