Pray for Boldness in the Gospel: New Native Believers

A note of need from our friends serving in Southeast Asia:

J, the young native man who began following the Son in December, recently moved to a nearby city to pursue a new job.  Since moving, he has been as bold as ever to share the Good News about his Savior to others.  Two other young men have since decided to follow the Son as well, and they will hopefully be dunked any day now.  Not everyone has responded in such a positive way. Just recently J’s only copy of the Word was confiscated by his boss and burned.  Please pray that J and these two new believers will grow in their faith and become the first church among their people group(s). Also pray for E and G who are currently visiting J to encourage him and connect with others.

There will also be two separate survey trips taking place from now until next Tuesday. Please pray for the following efforts:

  • A-Land: E and G will be joined by a local pastor and will be visiting and casting vision to other believers living on the West Coast. Pray that their travels, which will include an overnight ferry and over 8 hours on the road, will be without incident and that they will be a blessing to those they meet with.
  • Al-s:  M, whose family is planning to move to a different area in July, is visiting for the purpose of sharing Truth, following up with those who previously believed, and finding a house.  Pray especially for those he’ll be following up with, so that the seeds of Truth that have been planted will continue to grow and bear fruit.  Pray also that the Father will clearly lead M’s family to the right house and community

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