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GenSend16_BlogPostGenSEND is a student missionary initiative by the North American Mission Board. Let’s set aside all the fancy ways to describe it and sum it up this way: it’s a no-brainer!

Students between the ages of 19 and 25 that are still single (unmarried) can spend six weeks in some of the largest cities in North America, all expenses paid, and get front line ministry experience. What better way to spend your month of July?

To make it a little more tangible, here is what a few of our city Mobilizers for GenSEND cities will be doing practically:

Logan Sides is leading the charge for Washingon D.C. GenSEND is a specific effort with a specific mission, but in addition to that Logan will be paving the way for a church planter that is preparing to plant! Logan and his team will be having hundreds of gospel conversations, gauging gospel receptivity, and diagnosing best possibilities for a church plant.

Rachel Hildreth is leading the team to Montreal, Canada. With a large French-speaking population, Rachel is organizing her team in hopes to engage French-speaking communities and continue past GenSEND work from summers past.

Josh MacDonald is a Canadian born student here at SEBTS that is leading a team to Calgary, Canada. Josh is picking up where a previous Mobilizer left off, and will be doing exploratory work in the city, as well as partnering with a church plant in the city.

The GenSEND team going to San Diego is a tight knit group of students, many of which may wind up in San Diego long term; the very thing NAMB wants to come from these GenSEND teams the most! It’s no small thing to live your life on mission. We challenge you: What better way could you spend your summer?

Click HERE to get more information or to SIGN UP! 

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