Living as an Everyday Missionary

FullSizeRenderProclamation of the Gospel is central to living everyday as a missionary. Think of it in this way: God is on a mission to reconcile the world—people—to Himself. He has done this through the greatest news on earth…the Gospel, which is about the life, work, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Now we, who have been invited into this good news through faith and now are new creations, have the opportunity and responsibility to cross barriers and invite others into the greatest news anyone will ever hear. Proclamation of the Gospel message is central to living a life on mission!

Another essential quality of an everyday missionary is to live life with the posture of a learner. A key way to do this is by using questions. Once you ask someone a question, actually listen for their answer. One example of a question I like to ask people is, “What led you to that thought, belief, idea, and so on?” One author calls this creating God space. In other words, asking questions demonstrates interest in that person and can help peak spiritual curiosity.

Here are some other benefits to asking genuine questions:

  • Questions naturally lead toward dialogue and away from monologue.
  • Questions give shared ownership of the conversation since the other person can easily have a way out by not answering your question. Too often we rely on our own knowledge or even apologetics. There is a vital role and a proper place for apologetics, but this should not be the extent of your ‘engagement’ with people.
  • Questions are disarming and less threatening. People are suspicious of religion, but not conversations about spirituality.
  • Questions can help you keep a clear focus on the topic at hand. Jesus seasoned many of his conversations with questions, and he did so within the context of each unique conversation. His questions were always designed to steer the conversation toward heart-level matters. Some examples are with the Samaritan woman at the well, the rich young ruler, and many times with his disciples.

At the end of the day, living as an everyday missionary does not require an extraordinary set of skills. Sharing the Gospel message and asking questions can go a long way in showing people that you care about them. Living as an everyday missionary is shorthand for loving God and loving people. It is being genuinely intentional with your time, energy, calendar, and conversation. It is simply being Christian.

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