South Coast Church Plant: Evidence of Grace

5d3217eb-5c59-4779-8af1-cf6823542e67Chad Hartis is going through a blessed season of ministry at South Coast Church in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. He highlighted several items in his update, and we felt particularly compelled to share because good news of God’s work is such a refreshing gift. Chad specifically wanted to say thank you SEBTS and everyone in this community that have been in prayer for South Coast as they minister the gospel to a particularly lost section of America.

“For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose.”    

– Philippians 2:13

I’d like to share a few stories with you:

  • Stephen is a new student at UMass Dartmouth who just moved here from China to go to school before the start of the Fall semester. Zach and Kellie are both a part of CRU campus ministry at UMass Dartmouth. Carrie is a current student and Zach graduated last semester but has stayed plugged in. None of those three people were connected with a church at the launch of South Coast Church, but Zach and Carrie have been coming to South Coast for a few months and are now serving. Carrie serves with our South Coast Kids Ministry and Zach plays guitar in our band. For Thanksgiving, CRU hosted a Thanksgiving meal for international students. At that meal, Stephen came up to Zach and out of nowhere said, “I want to become a Christian, can you tell me how.” Zach jumped on the opportunity and both he and Carrie shared the gospel with Stephen for the first time and invited him to church. The next week they brought him to church and we are continuing to clarify the gospel and disciple him. Unfortunately he is traveling for the winter break but has stayed in touch and plans on coming back. Please pray for Stephen and for Zach and Carrie as they continue to disciple him.
  • Tony grew up Catholic and his wife is Protestant. Back in September they both came to one of our worship services and he couldn’t believe that we actually taught the Bible. He said, “Growing up, we would bear the priest read the Bible and make some comments but I have never heard someone actually teach the Bible.” He is now flipping through the Bible on his own to find the passages we are going through during our worship services and is hungry to learn and grow.
    • Then last Sunday we had our first baptism celebration and baptized his daughter, Karissa.
  • I have been counseling a girl named Courtney over the past 2 months. She was frustrated with life, was angry with God and was ready for everything to just end. Last week she decided that she wanted to trust Jesus with her life and renew her commitment to Him.
  • We transitioned to a new location for weekly worship services:
    • Rachel’s Lakeside served us well, but we realized they would not let us meet there on days when they were closed (Christmas Eve, Easter, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, etc).
    • We began looking to see where we could meet for those Sundays. Through a string of Providential incidents, God gave us access to the facilities of a liberal church that is not evangelical. I had been praying for some time that God would lead us there. The kicker is that the owners of the building are letting us meet there for a fraction of what it cost to meet at Rachel’s!



  • For our family as we travel back to NC this weekend for me to finish up my degree at Southeastern.
  • For new children’s ministry workers that we will be training in the weeks ahead
  • For wisdom and ease as we prepare to launch a second Community Group in the near future
  • For our continued search for a Worship Pastor
  • For people to respond to the gospel with faith and repentance

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