The Bible and The Church: Designed Coherency

Church&BibleArticle by Keelan Cook

I recently picked up a book by the late, great missiologist Lesslie Newbigin, entitled Truth and Authority in Modernity. In the work, he tries to untangle the often confusing conversation concerning the issues of authority in worldview. I do not plan to unpack that argument here, but I did run across one particularly profound statement about the authority of the Bible in relation to the church.

Newbigin writes, “The book is the book of the community, and the community is the community of the story that the book tells. Neither can be understood without the other.”

That may not sound like much at first, but let me unpack it. It is so very common today to hear people speaking of Christianity in a way that divorces belief in Christ (or in this case the Bible) from involvement in the church… CONTINUE READING

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