Ask Questions, Get Answers: How Toronto Views God


At the close of last year, we asked you to pray for a project by Trinity Life Church in Toronto, Canada called Big City Big Questions. For three consecutive years “larger than life” questions have been tossed at Torontonians from behind a camera. The result has been three excellent (BCBQ 2013, BCBQ 2014) videos capturing  humanity, with all its beauty, complexity, and brokenness.  These videos also confront us with the unmistakable desire and need for the gospel in our cities.

The most recent video had a slightly different component to it. For 2015 this highly evangelistic event was premiered through a public screening. The hope behind this is an ongoing conversation in the city about the big questions of like.  So take time and watch this most recent video and continue to pray for fruit from the efforts of this project and Trinity Life Church in general.

See Additional Videos Here

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