A New Plant in Connecticut: “Will you Pray for Me?”

BridgeChurch1 Samuel 12 is a moving scene of repentance and conviction in the life of Israel. Upon having their sin revealed to them, Israel pleas for Samuel to intercede and pray for them. Samuel’s response to their plea is a beautiful example for us today. People make the request often, “Will you pray for me?” Here is how Samuel might reply, “far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord by ceasing to pray for you…”

Nate Oliver is an elder at the Bridge Church in Mansfield, Connecticut. They have been in Connecticut for 9 months, and have been blessed with several new people to minister early in their efforts. Every new church plant has many needs, though. Far be it from us that we should sin against the Lord by failing to pray for the Bridge, and the elders working in that field. Here are a few ways we can pray for them:

Family: Tracey has been navigating her way through the first year of homeschooling with Madison (6) and James (5). Marybeth (3) and Luke (1) are as lively and active as ever! We look forward to getting to know more families through these experiences.

Church Move: Last semester we moved our Sunday service off of the Campus of UCONN and started meeting at Hope Lutheran Church right next to campus. 

Weekly Discipleship: We are continuing to encourage and model one-to-one bible reading.  We believe it is by God’s word that we grow in our knowledge of and relationship with Christ.  We are encouraging all to read with someone else and ask questions of the text and themselves as they are growing and walking with Christ.  Along with our weekly community group, we also have groups and people meeting throughout the week. 

Multiplication: One of the goals of one-to-one bible reading (and everything else we do) is to see others begin to do these things and disciple those in their own lives.  To this end we have been excited to see some at the Bridge Church do this.  One young man who plays hockey has gathered 10-12 of his teammates for a bible study, and only 2 others are believers.  Please pray for the gospel to be heard, and for strength and wisdom for this young man. We also have another young man who just accepted Christ through the ministry and friendship of one of our young college members. He is asking to be baptized soon. 

Study and Preaching: We began a sermon series through the gospel of John at the beginning of last semester and it has been great to delve deeper into that wonderful Gospel. The Lord has also given me the opportunity to preach at several churches that are without a pastor in this season. I am enjoying being able to help out brothers and sisters in other congregations throughout the area.

Prayer Requests:

  • Church: continued word-and-life discipleship opportunities with those coming Sunday nights.
  • Leadership: Unity and oneness of vision as we plan for the upcoming semester.
  • FamilyOur marriage to thrive and grow, and for our kids, and that we would all grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Nate’s brother Andrew has come to live with us for a while, pray as we adjust to having him live with us, and pray that he would grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Wisdom: What opportunities to say yes and no to.
  • Financial: For continued monthly support, and for new monthly supporters (churches and individuals).


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