Church Planting through ESL Strategies

15226908608_58fe83b6cc_oRead a post by Keelan Cook concerning ESL and using it for the expansion of the Gospel:

“In the past, I have shared about the importance of shifting from a “come and see” mindset to one of “go and tell”  (check out this post too) in our outreach. Today, I will give an example.

ESL stands for English as a second language and is a teaching technique that allows people who do not speak English to learn it. For a long time now, churches sensitive to the internationals moving into their community have used ESL as a means to minister to these people. Life in the States is difficult without being able to speak English, and so teaching English is one of the first things a local church realizes it can do to meet the needs of these newcomers. Thus, many churches across the US open their doors once a week to provide a free ESL course for community residents…” Continue Reading>>


Photo Credit: IQRemix

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